Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 New Popcorn Treats!

I love trying new popcorn dessert recipes!  A year or two ago I tried a Cookies and Cream popcorn recipe and it was so good!  Ever since then I've loved trying other popcorn recipes.  I have two new ones for you today.  One is from the blog, The Domestic Rebel and the other one I created myself.

First, start by making home made popcorn on your stove.  (I'll post the best way to make homemade popcorn at the end of this post.)  Since I knew I was making two separate recipes I made a really big batch of popcorn and then separated it into two bowls.

The first recipe is for "Biscoff Cookie" popcorn.  YUM!  Melt about 1 cup of white chocolate in the microwave, stopping to stir it every 30 seconds.  Once it's melted, add 1/4 cup Biscoff Cookie Butter and stir together.

Then, crush up 1 cup of Biscoff Cookies.

Mix everything together!

Yum!  So good!  Me and my sisters thought it tasted kind of similar to Golden Graham cereal. :)

And now it's time for my creation! My sister's birthday is coming up soon but she will be away at school so I needed to go ahead and make her birthday treat before she left.  She loves coffee and anything coffee flavored.  A couple months ago I stared seeing commercials for Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Flavor Mixes and I noticed they had a Mocha flavor.  I knew I wanted to make something using the Mocha mix but I wasn't sure how yet.  I decided to make mocha flavored popcorn!

Melt about 1 cup of white chocolate chips in the microwave and stir in the mocha mix.  Drizzle it all over the popcorn and then sprinkle mini dark chocolate chips all over the popcorn and stir well.


All ready for our Sister Sleepover!  Since my sister was leaving for school soon we decided to have a little sleepover before she left.  We ate popcorn and cake and watched one of our favorite childhood movies: Watcher In The Woods!  Has anyone else seen that movie?!  We LOVED that movie!  That's the movie we would watch anytime we had friends over when we were young.  It was SO scary!  We have all the lines memorized!  Good times!  :)

*To make homemade popcorn: In a large pot over the stove top pour in coconut oil (or whichever oil you choose), enough to cover the bottom of the pot.  Put a few kernels in the pot and cover with the lid.   Turn the temp to high.  Once the 3 kernels pop, you know the temperature is high enough so now you can add the rest of the kernels.  I find that usually 1/4 cup of kernels is enough for about two people.  Dump in the kernels and let them pop!  While their popping, cut of a tablespoon of butter and melt it in the microwave.  Once the popcorn is finished popping, drizzle it with butter and some salt!  Enjoy!

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