Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fun Workout!

Hey all! 
 I wanted to share some workouts with you guys that I've been liking for while now.  I was going to put all three workouts in this one post but it got too long.  I'll just post one for today and then I post the other two in some future posts.  This first workout is a "ladder" meaning they Count up and/or down. (You'll see below) I first saw this workout on Pinterest but then I modified them to fit my needs.  

Here's how I changed it:

- Instead of just squats I do squat jumps.
- Instead of just lunges I do alternating lunge jumps.
- Instead of just toe touches I do dead lifts holding 12.5 lb. dumbbells.
- I didn't change anything about the wall sit.
- And for the jumping jacks I pretty much changed everything.  Instead of 100 I went with 60.  And instead of jumping jacks I did "starbursts".  Standing with feet together, bend down in a low squat and touch the outside heels with your hands and then jump up and make an X with your arms and legs.  It's pretty much the same position as a jumping jack but in the air instead of on the ground.  These are WAY harder than a normal jumping jack.  Normally when I do this routine I can only do 30 starbursts and then the other 30 have to be jumping jacks.

This whole routine usually takes about 25 minutes.  I usually do some weightlifting too to complete the workout.  You can alter this workout however you like.

In other news . . . our "Summer" pictures for the 4 Seasons collage I was telling you about are finished!  Here are a few . . .

Pretty sure this last one had to have been when I saw the dead fish floating by!  Haha!

I think they turned out great!  I'm so excited to do our Fall pictures!  And I'm so excited to put the first picture up in our house for our collage!  If any of you are in the tri-state area and are in need of a photographer definitely check out Sarah Anne Photography.  She does such a great job! :)

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