Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Valentine's Day might be my favorite holiday! Probably because it is so girly and pink! And it involves candy! :)

I just wanted to post to the blog again and try inserting some pictures. Just to see how it all works. So I thought I would give you a re-cap of my Valentine's Day so far.

Before I get into our day I should explain mine and Dave's way of celebrating holidays. You know how most people have their regular routines/traditions? Like, for some people birthdays are the biggest holiday they celebrate but then they don't really do much for the other special days? Or some people go all out for Christmas but then don't do much for birthdays (that's actually the way my family did things growing up). Well, Dave and I don't have a "usual" or "regular" routine. Basically, which ever holiday we fall on that we have extra money to spend, turns out to be a big holiday. I think one year I didn't get anything for my birthday but the same year I got my Mac laptop for Valentine's Day! I know, it's strange. That's just always how it's been for us. Just very random. Anyway, . . . we're currently saving our money for vacation, new vehicles, and a new house so we really didn't plan any great adventures for today. Somehow Dave and I were both off work today! Well, I'm always off on Tuesdays but Dave's schedule is never the same. It changes from week to week. We didn't really plan much today. We just wanted to enjoy being together for the whole day. We slept in til 9ish then we went to Dunkin Donuts. They've been advertising these cute heart shaped donuts on TV for the last week and I really wanted one. So we went there and got a few donuts for later tonight. They probably won't get eaten after all . . . long story . . . but the commercial was misleading. It wasn't the type of donut I thought it would be. Anyway, then we went to the gym and got in a workout. Then we had to run a few errands. We had to go to the jeweler to drop of a ring that needed to be re-sized.

Then we came home and had lunch and then watched the movie Valentine's Day. We had both seen it before but thought it was fitting to watch today. It's a pretty cute movie! Now we're about to cook some dinner (a new recipe!), and then make a dessert too (another new one)! And then it's time for our shows! Tuesday nights are the best TV nights! We watch New Girl and Parenthood. . . And sometimes Dance Moms! :)

Hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day!

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