Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monthly Subscriptions Series: Eco Emi

Happy Saturday!

I started this post on Tuesday I think but I've been very busy this week and am just now getting around to finishing it up and publishing it. Sorry about that!

I am currently signed up for 3 different monthly subscription box/bags. I am subscribed to Birchbox, My Glam Bag, and Eco Emi. I've been a subscriber to Birchbox for over a year I think. I've only been subscribed to My Glam for 3 months (they've only been around for 3 months) and I've only been subscribed to Eco Emi for 2 months. I am not planning on staying subscribed to all three. I feel like the Birch boxes have been going down hill a bit lately so I wanted to try some other subscriptions to see if they were any better. Once I decide which one I like best I will cancel the others. Here's a look at what I got in this month's (Feb) Eco Emi box. . .

All my goodies! :)

The first product was this lip gloss by the brand Revolution. I guess I forgot to mention (but you probably already guessed) that all of Eco Emi's products are natural, organic, etc. Anyway, this gloss is really pretty. It's not as orange as it looks. The color is called Vibe.

When I first glanced in my box and saw the word "lavender" everywhere I was kind of bummed. I hate the smell of lavender! It smells really fake to me. Not to mention - old ladyish! But I was pleasantly surprised! I really liked the Crystal Essence deodorant towelettes! They smelled nice (not too strong) and they seemed to work great! The chapstick is really nice too! It is a chocolate chapstick . . . whatever that means?!? The color is brown and it smells like a mix of chocolate and lavender. The reason I like it so much is the texture!!!! It's really thick and moisturizing!

There was also a sample of Chocolate Mint Truffle Mighty Leaf Tea. I gave that to my sister. Tea isn't really my thing. Although, this particular flavor sounds pretty good! The circular container is a sample of a solid body butter by the Lauren Brooke Cosmetics brand. It's in the scent Chai Latte. It smells nice but it's hard to use since it's in a weird shape and it's solid. I can't really get it out of the container?! Then there is that Oluv soap which I really like! It's very moisturizing! The first time I used it Dave commented that my skin was super soft! The only 3 ingredients are olive oil, essential oils, and salt. Maybe it's just me but none of those ingredients seem like "cleansing" ingredients. Which is confusing.

There was also a small sample size of shampoo and conditioner. I really can't say anything about these. I just put them aside in a bag of other travel size products. I'll probably just use them when on vacation or something.

Ok . . . now for the most interesting product!!! Soap nuts!

If you saw these what would you think they were? I first thought they were some sort of food. Perhaps some figs? Good thing I read the product subscription card first! They are a fruit called soap nuts. Take them out of the plactic bag and put them in the twill bag it comes with and tie it shut. This is your laundry detergent! Just throw it in with your clothes! I've only used them once but so far so good. They're supposed to last up to 5 washes. The card says you can also use it for dish washer soap, shampoo, etc. Interesting, huh?!

So that was my Eco Emi box for February! Definitely got some cool stuff! Eco Emi is $15.00 a month (free shipping) and you can cancel it at any time. I usually receive my box at the end of the month . . . around the 25th. Birch Box and My Glam usually come anywhere between the 10th and 20th so I will review them as well once I receive them for March.

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