Friday, March 16, 2012

Monthly Subscription Series: Good & Lovely Box

Ok, . . . so I lied. In one of my last posts I said I was signed up for 3 monthly subscriptions and I guess I really was at the time that I wrote that. But as of today I'm signed up for 5!!! Whoops! I'm not going to stay signed up for all 5, don't worry! I have a pretty good idea of which ones I will be keeping but I wanted to go ahead with this series because I think some of you will be interested in learning about all of them.

Today I'm going to tell you about a brand new monthly subscription. This is the first month that I received it. It's called Good & Lovely. I LOVE the concept! It is meant to come and cheer you up when it's that time of the month. The best part of this subscription is that you get to pick when you want it shipped! Most monthly subscriptions are shipped out on a certain date. But with this plan you get to pick! I honestly had no clue when to have mine shipped (I have some messed up cycles! Haha!) so I just picked the 15th. I think I ended up getting it on the 8th or something. Which was really nice because my cycle actually started on the 5th. So I got to enjoy my box at the right time for a few days. (I guess they send your box a little early just in case?!)

Here are some details of the box. . .

"Hello Beautiful" How awesome is that?! I love opening mail and seeing such a sweet message! And check out the card! It was a handwritten letter thanking me for signing up. They had me at hello ;)

All my goodies!

Did I mention that every box will always include some sort of chocolate treat?! This month it was some chocolatey pretzel clusters from the Pretzel Perfection company. Very tasty!

I was really excited about these two products as well! On the left is some topical cramp relief lotion. I am so excited to try it next month. I didn't get to try it this month because I normally only experience cramps on the first day of my cycle and I hadn't received my box at that time. On the right is a shower tablet. You lay it on the floor in your shower and the hot water/steam melt it away which gives off a yummy therapeutic vapor. It's an aromatherapy type of thing.

More calming and relaxing treats! Some Mighty Leaf Tea and some yummy smelling aromatherapy lotion.

And lastly, some foot cream. I'm not really into foot cream but the scent - peppermint tangerine- sounds amazing. Maybe I could just use it as hand lotion? That's not too weird, right?

I really like this box! It was super fun to get during a crappy time! This monthly subscription costs 13.99 and you can cancel it at any time. To sign up, follow this link:

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