Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics! And other fun shenanigans!

Hi there!
So, I'm currently watching the London Olympics Opening Ceremony while I type this.  This is the first time I've ever watched an opening ceremony and I must say it's pretty cool!  I would have loved to be a volunteer!  How fun would it be to be a part of that?  All that fun music and dancing?!  So fun!

I have no new recipes for you today :(  So sorry!  I didn't make or try anything new this week.  But don't worry, I should have at least four new recipes in August for sure because I have four family members or friends with birthdays in August!  So there will probably be at least 4 new dessert recipes!  :)  I don't like letting so much time go by in between posts so I thought I post something brief (mainly pictures) of what I've been up to recently. . . 

Dave and I ran in the Color Me Rad 5k!

My hair got the worst of it!  Haha!

Throughout the 3 mile race, there were 5 stations where colored corn starch would be thrown on you!

Dave got it good!  Haha!

YUM!  We went to my cousins wedding this week and it was such a great time! It was country and southern and just fun!  Not to mention, the food was amazing!!  Some of the best wedding food I've ever had!

The pulled pork was out of this world!  I didn't even put any sauce on it because it didn't need it!

And how cute is their cake!?  It was equally as tasty too!

Me and my sisters . . .

And me and Dave!

I also watched the Bachelorette Finale this week and was so excited that Emily picked Jef!  He was one of my favorites from the very beginning!  He reminded me a lot Dave in that he was kind of quiet and had his own sense of style.  Plus he was really gentle and sweet! <3

Of course I have to mention my sweet nephews!  I can't get enough of them!

It's been yet another busy (but fun!) week!  I'll catch you all on the flipside!  Have a great weekend!

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