Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Miami Day 1

Hello there!

I've been a little MIA but that's because I've been on vaca!  My husband and I went to Miami and stayed with his sister.  This is the second year in a row that we stayed with her.  It's a lot of fun and we hope to make it a yearly trip!  I thought I would do a few separate blog posts about each day that we were there.  Mainly because I think some of you might be interested in all the yummy food we ate!  I love eating in Miami!  They have great food and I always come home feeling healthy!  :)

I think Dave looks so cute in this pic for some reason!  This was when we were waiting for our flight . . 

And here's me . . .not looking quite as cute as my husband.  I was a little tired!  Haha!

And here is Little Havana.  Isn't this picture terrible?!  Haha!  This was from the first night we got there and I hadn't been so open about my obsession with picture taking yet.  But it didn't take long for that to come out.  Basically we at at Little Havana and I didn't take a picture but later that night Dave and I ran an errand so I made him drive real slow as we passed it so I could take a picture!  Haha!

Anyway,  Little Havana serves Cuban food.  It's always some sort of meat - usually chicken.  Whether it's baked, or grilled, etc.  Along with black beans, rice, and platanos.  And according to Dave's sister, Cindy, you have to ask for limes to squeeze over it!  It is so delicious!  Dave and I love this meal!  Cuban food is very big in Miami so you can find lots of little restaurants like this around.  If you get the opportunity to try Cuban food you most definitely should!

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