Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Series: Fun Nails!

Remember this picture from my last post?

I already showed you what project I used the nail polish for and today I'll show you what those little Martha Stewart beads are for.  

Have you guys seen the new Caviar Nails trend?  The brand Ciate came up with the concept.  The Ciate Caviar Nails set just became available at Sephora a couple weeks ago.  The set costs $25.00 but you can create this look on your own for $15.00 or less!  A girl on YT suggested using micro beads that you get at craft stores.  (the set I got was $15.00 and I just used nail polish that I already had) And that's where those colorful little Martha Stewart micro beads come into play!

I wanted to use ocean colored beads but I wasn't sure which nail color to use underneath so I swatched a few on a piece of scrap paper.

I ended up going with the one on the far right . . . Revlon's Pure Pearl.

The first little piggy is painted!  Doesn't it remind you of cupcakes?!?

I painted one nail with the polish then took a little handful of the mixed beads and just dropped them on the nail.  Repeat this process until your nail is covered.  Then gently press the beads down onto the nail just to make sure the beads stick pretty well to the polish. Then move onto the next nail.

Ta Da!

I think it turned out really cute!  The girl (MissJenFabulous) from YT did it on her fingernails and said it only lasted for about 3 or 4 days before the beads started to fall off.  I thought it would probably last a little longer on my toes.  Plus, I wasn't really sure I wanted to wear my fingernails like that to work.  Not sure if my boss would like that?!  Haha!  I will let you guys know how long the beads last on my toes.  I put a layer of clear top coat on top as well so that might help it last a little longer.

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