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Monthly Subscription Series: Brief Summary of all the different ones I've tried!

Hey there!  I started a Monthly Subscription Series a couple months ago and since then the services that I'm subscribed to have changed a bit.  So I thought I would just do one blog breifly describing/reviewing them all!  So here goes . . . 

The very first service I signed up for was Birch Box.  And I'm still signed up for it after more than a year!  It's actually probably been close to 2 years!

Price: $10/month
Samples: At least 4 (sometimes 5 or 6) and one of them should be full sized
Extras: Birchbox has a rewards system.  Anytime a friend signs up through your link (every member has one) you get 50 points.  Also, anytime you review a product from your box you get 10 points.  Every 100 points you earn is equal to $10 off any product from their site!  I really like their rewards program!  Their boxes are hit or miss.  Sometimes they are kind of blah.  But sometimes I discover a product from them that ends up being amazing and it ends up being a staple in my every day routine.

If you want to join Birchbox, here is the link to sign up through me so that I receive points for referring you! 

I'm also a member with Eco Emi.  They are a monthly service whose products are natural and/or organic.  They send you a wide variety of samples.  It's always a mix of beauty products, products for the home (think cleaning), and there is usually one or two food products.  It's a really nice mix!

Price: $15/month
Samples: At least 9, but sometimes up to 11 or 12 :)
Extras: None

This is Good & Lovely.  This monthly service is pretty unique.  It is meant to make that dreadful time of month a little more tolerable!  First of all, you get to pick when you want this sent to you each month so you can ensure you receive it when you actually need it!  Secondly, EVERY single month you will get some sort of chocolate in your box!  Um, yes please!  I love this idea!

Price: $13.99/month
Samples: Usually about 5
Extras: You can "add on" other things you might want for that time of month.  Honestly, I've never looked into that part.  Another extra is that one dollar of every months subscription goes to feminine care for women in need.

Ok, now this box . . . well, there's a lot going on with this box.  This is Petite Box.  Unfortunately, they have put a hold on their boxes for the time being but according to their facebook page they will probably return in the future.  So I still wanted to include this in my series.  Plus, it is SUCH a cool box!  I love it!  I actually didn't subscribe to this service but someone that works for Petite Box saw my blog or something and contacted me and asked if I wanted one free box to review or giveaway so I said sure!  And I'm glad I did!  It is so fun!  It is meant for expectant moms and new moms.  When you sign up you start off wherever you are in your pregnancy.  For example, if I didn't find out about Petite Box until I was 6 months pregnant then when I signed up I would tell them I want to start with the "6th Month" box.  Each box is tailored to your pregnancy.  I think it goes up to two years of age.  The box pictured above was for a baby that is 4 months old so the products correlate with that age/stage (hence the teething ring, bib, etc.)

Price: $25/month
Samples: Usually a few for baby and a few for mommy
Extras: This is actually my favorite part!  Each box comes with a few cards with information about whatever stage you (and/or the baby) are in.  For example, in this box the cards had info on them about weight-loss and how at about 4 months after labor you should be able to get back to being active and working out, etc. but to not be too hard on yourself because it took 9 months to put the weight on!  The cards were full of so much information and were very motivational!  I loved them!

This is Karisma . . . and I'm not a fan.  I actually need to cancel.  A lot of my friends know that I try a lot of monthly services so someone asked me about Karisma.  I knew nothing about it so I signed up for it so I could learn about it.  And I have one word: disappointed!  This service is SO boring.  It's nothing special at all!  Each month you will receive a lip scrub and a lip balm.  When you sign up you get to pick which color lip balm you want.  But you don't get to pick for any of the following months.  That's no fun!  Plus, the lip scrub and lip balm are HUGE!  They would last me at least a year!  So why would I need a new one every month?!?

Price: $10/month
Samples: Just one lip scrub and one lip balm
Extras: None

And here is the latest and greatest!!!!!  Glossy Box!  Glossy Box has been around in other countries (it started in the UK) for a year or so and it just launched in the US in May!  I LOVE this service!  I'm pretty sure this is my favorite service!  I've only received one box from them so far (my second box should be here any day now!) but their products seem really, really nice!

Price: $21/month
Samples: At least 5 per box
Extras:  They have a rewards program too.  I'm not too familiar with it since I've only been subscribed to them for a month now but I think you get 200 glossydots (points) when you refer a friend, and you also get points when you review the products you received.  I think once you get 1,000 glossydots, one of your monthly boxes will be sent you free of charge.  So that's fun!

*I also want to mention two other services that I WAS subscribed to at some point but have already canceled.  They don't even deserve a picture!  Haha!

I was signed up to My Glam for I think 4 months and it was disappointing.  The first month was amazing but the following months were terrible.  It seemed like they sent out an amazing box right off the bat to get everyone interested and then once tons of people signed up they started sending out really crappy boxes.  I won't go into detail about price and such just because I honestly don't even think it's worth it.  But if you want to check it out just do an online search for My Glam Bag.

The other box that I unsubscribed to immediately was Blissmo.  Oh my gosh, it was terrible!  I honestly don't remember the cost.  I think it was somewhere between $21 and $25 and absolutely not worth it!  All they sent was things I could easily find at the drugstore/grocery store. . . and for a cheaper price!  It was ridiculous!  I unsubscribed right away!

There are lots of other monthly services out there!  All of the services I mentioned about are automatically charged to your account each month and mailed to your door unless you cancel.  There is another type of monthly service out there where you sign up and they come out with new products each month but you have the option of "skipping" the month.  You won't be charged (and won't receive anything) if you skip the month.  Some of those services are: Jewelmint, Beautymint, Shoemint, She Dazzle, Little Black Box, etc.  If you want a blog about any of these just let me know!  :)

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