Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weekend Round Up and Father's Day!

Yikes!  I am slacking on my blog posts!  I've just been super busy!  I meant to post this on Monday and here it is on Thursday and I'm just now getting around to putting it up!  Geesh!  Hopefully once we're finished house hunting I will have a little more time!

Here's a little glimpse of my past weekend . . . .

My tastebuds have been wacko lately!  I used to really crave vegetables but now I rarely want them.  I also used to rarely eat meat or other sources of protein but I've actually been craving it lately.  Anyway, my sister makes this nut mixture and I decided to try it.  It's raw pepitas (pumpkin seeds), raw sunflower seeds, and raw walnuts.  Sometimes I add in some semi-sweet chocolate chips too!

Has anyone seen this on Pinterest??  This is SO me!  I am really bad at painting my nails but I try anyway!  Over the weekend I tried to get even more tricky!  I tried gradient nails with the sponge technique.  It turned out ok but I think after more practice it might actually be kind of fun!

I was going to a french manicure gradient looks so I used a pale pink color by OPI and a white sparkly color by Nicole for OPI.

You don't have to do this part but it does help a bit.  Put scotch tape all around your nails.  This just helps with the clean up afterwards.  you won't get so much polish on your skin by doing this.  Then using your makeup sponge apply your nail polish to the sponge and then roll the sponge over your nail.  It's actually really easy.  I think the hardest part is getting the right polish colors.  The pink I choose was way too pale and barely showed up.  And actually, the white was too.  It looked more like silver glitter. But I still thought the end result was cool!

I think it's kind of cool.  Minus the middle finger.  For some reason my middle finger on both hands ended up looking really blotchy and bad!  Oh well, it was only my first try!

Mmmmmmmmm!  My husband is so awesome and brought me home this new candy bar from his work!  It's from Nestle and there are 3 different Girl Scout Cookie flavors.  

I tried the Samoa flavor and it was soooo good!  Thank you Dave!  :)

Trying to force myself to eat some veggies I came up with this little recipe.  Cut up a zucchini and a red pepper and heat up on the skillet.

I already had pulled chicken from a rotisserie from a previous recipe so I used that but you can use any type of chopped or pulled chicken.  

Spread your pita with hummus and stuff it with chicken and vegetables, sprinkle it with some mozzarella cheese and viola!  Easy!

And this was a dessert I made for Father's Day.  A yummy Lemon Strawberry Yogurt Bundt Cake!  Yum!  If you want the recipe I can post it . . . however, the pictures that go along with it are really bad. Somehow the settings on my camera were changed and all the pictures turned out really yellowish!  :(  The picture above is actually from my camera phone.  I kind of think my camera phone might be better than my real camera!  Pathetic!

Hopefully I'll keep up better on the posts in the coming week!

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