Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pinspiration: Photography For The New House!

I'm here with some more Pinspiration!  These first 3 pictures I found on Pinterest and it gave me an idea.  I thought it would be cute to have a picture of Dave and I during all 4 seasons!  I would line all 4 pictures up side by side on our wall.  Now that we're moving I figured it was a good time to actually start on this project so we can hang them up in our new living room soon!

Cute Winter picture idea . . .

Spring or Summer . . .

Great Fall idea . . .

So, since it's currently Summer I figured we would start there.  Usually when people think of Summer they think of water or beaches or something.  Neither Dave or I have a pool or will be going to the beach again this summer so I thought I should come up with another option.  (plus, who wants a picture of themselves in their swimming suit right in their living room?!?)  My next idea was maybe a picnic or something.  So I googled "couple picnic photos" and you won't believe the images I found!  They were all either super corny poses (see below) or the food was the focal point of the picture (again, see below)!  And some were a mix of both!  (once more, see below) Haha!

Wow. . . .

She looks like she has an abundance of confidence!  Haha!

Classic!  Gotta have a picture of them feeding eachother!

Finally, I found a few cute ones.  Which gave me hope!

I thought these were cute!

How fun would it be to do a fair picture!?

This one is super pretty!  I love the lighting!

This one is my favorite . . . and it's the one we chose to try to replicate!  (sidenote: can anyone guess who the female is in this picture?)

Yes, it is in water and yes they are in their suits but you can barely tell so I thought it would be all right.  We're having a heck of a time trying to find old inner tubes like this. I really hope we can find some in time!  We're taking the pictures in 5 days and we haven't found any yet!  Our friend/photographer picked out a great spot for the pictures so now we're just hoping for good weather and some inner tubes!

Wish us luck!

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